changeing the ssh port to a non-standard port
for securing it first you need to change the access to the ssh to a non-standard port so that even by using some backdoors your root password was hacked you are convinience that nobody still has any access to the ssh to destroy your file and server
to do so run this command to open the “/etc/ssh/sshd_config” with nano editor

nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config

got to the line containing

#Port 22

and remove the # to uncomment it and use an alternative instead of port 22
remember to mention the unstandard port that you changed in the firwall to allow tcp_out and tcp_in connections
so it will turn out to be somthing like this

Port 3957

and also put the the port number”3957″ tcp_out and tcp_in in the firewall

Force the SSH to use the protocol 2
second go and edit this line

#Protocol 2, 1

and by removing the # to uncomment this line and specify the protocol 2 for ssh by changing it to

Protocol 2



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