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► Title : Gossip Season 1 Episode 3 Episode 3
► Genre : Documentary
► Air Date : 2021-09-05
► Watch it here! : https://t.co/1x4Qg9ex6a?amp=1

Overview: During the 1990s, New York was still a city dominated by newspapers, but the New York Post remained on unsteady ground. It changed hands repeatedly until, at last, it was rescued by Rupert Murdoch once more. All the while, the gossip columnists were engaged in an era of tabloid wars — Adams for the New York Post, and Liz Smith for The New York Daily News — while Page Six sparred with Alec Baldwin, Mickey Rourke and more. By the end of the decade, as her success grew, Adams tends to Joey who is on the decline. Then, Lewinsky happens.

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