there are two kinds of url linking method
1-static url:static url is created by manualy saving a html format in the root or even in some of the folders with in the that the links are easy to read and understand.such as


it can also get the .htm to show a html document and the folder it would be in there would be named as an category so that a site that has categorized folder in it will become a categorized site so that the visitor and even the search engines would aunderstand which type of urls and addresses are where and which data they are conained and they will rank them better.
2-Dynamic URL:a dynamic url is the knids of linking structure that can be only be created by a script or a cms that has its own routing method and ith can understand it and navigate the visitor to the correct way.such example that is created by joomla is
it is not understandable that ehich kind of data thsi link could be contained
we just can understand it is com_content that is created by article and the view is section and the id of the post is 3

the static url

the dynamic url

Change Dynamic URLS to Static URLs:the dynamic urls can be converted to static if this ability is built in the cms or script and requier mod_rewrite modul of apache installed if you have an apache webserver and by that installed it uses the .htaccess of itself eouting method to hange these not understandable urls to understandalbe and static that will sue the alias of the id of that post or article


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