PHPMYadmin is one of the best software in relation with mysql to manage databases and tables and perform operations.Cpanel offers this tool to manage databases within its Control PAnel.Today I was asked from one of my customers to take a look at his server to find out whats happening in his server that there are serveral dtabase query errors and also phpmyadmin throws an error and couldn’t start.itthrew the Following error

Cannot start session without errors, please check errors given in your PHP and/or webserver log file and configure your PHP installation properly.

First I thought that it might be because of MYsql Server Crashed, So I went AHead and unistalled it and again reinstalled it but it didn’t help even.

I ran the following to update phpmyadmin

/usr/local/cpanel/bin/updatephpmyadmin --force

but still didn’t help

I noticed that the tmp partition seems to be overflowed so I deleted its content and also made sure its permission is 1777

rm -rf /tmp

after that I browsed to phpmyadmin and it was working just like a charm

To make sure it wont happen again it was a good idea to enlarge the /tmp size

I opened the /scripts/securetmp using nano

nano /scripts/securetmp

then went to the line containing the following

y $tmpdsksize     = 512000;

put another zero infront of it a to make it 5120000

closed and saved the nano text editor and ran


reboot the system and it was then enlarged to 5Gig and those rigid problems never happened again on that server



Voshka Niknam


y $tmpdsksize     = 5120000;


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