Today i wanted to install a joomla template by providing the template’s remote url address so that it would easily installed without any efforts to download and uploading
I want to the Extenssions>Install/uninstall
then in the field Install from URL
I pasted the download URL address and clicked install but I encountered this error message
# Remote Server connection failed, failed to open stream: no suitable wrapper could be found
I was just shucked as I saw this error because I never had such problem before when I wanted to install a template or even components,modules and plugins.
I had search on google and after a few miniutes of investigating I found out that this is because of allow_url_fopen
i remembered that a few months ago I had that disabled in php.ini of the whole server for security reasons.I went to that global php.ini and had it re-enabled again.then again went to the joomla installation then choosed Install from URL.
noticed with the success message in blue rectangle
* Install Template Success
Thats it
Hope this could be helpfull for you too.


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