You need MS Office Excel 2003 or 2007 to do this. I used 2007, and the guide will be based on that. A good idea would be a program that can handle the XML file so you can take a look at it if you like, but not necessary though.

1: First I created an export template in CSV Improved (v0,9 stable)

1.1: The Export Template configuration: Chose “export” in the bullet list.

1.1 1: Export options tab: Type => Product export, Export type => XML, Website => CSV Improved, blank, All, All, Both, blank.

1.1.2: System limits tab: unchanged

1.1.3: General settings: Name=> ” The name of your choice”_export

2: Then I created an import template in CSV Improved (v0,9 stable)

2.1: The Import Template configuration: Chose “import” in the bullet list.

2.1.1: Import options tab: Type=> Product import, Use column headers as configuration => “checked”, Overwrite existing data => “Checked”, Everything else is “unchecked”

2.1.2: System limits tab: unchanged

2.1.3: General settings: Name=> ” The name of your choice”_import, Field Delimiter => £, Text Delimiter => $, everything els is unchanged

3: Then set up the fields you require in both the export and import template, the fields should be the same at the same position in both the templates.

4: After that I went to the backend of virtue mart and created one category in 2 levels. (Books) => (Flowers)

5: Then i created 2 products in the flowers category, product 1 and product 2, and filled in the appropriate information. (should be at least the same as the fields created and mapped in both the import and export template)

6: After that i went back to CSV Improved and made an export of that information just crated. The file in this case is an XML file was saved on a known location.

7: Open MS Office Excel 2007 (2003), and press the question mark up to the right corner. Type the following question “Create XML file with excel” (skapa xml filer). then follow step 1 in that guide. Below is a direct link.

7.1: The guide

To install this download:

Download the file by clicking the Download link (above) and saving the file to your hard disk.
Double-click the OfficeExcel2003XMLToolsAddin.exe program file on your hard disk to start the setup program.
Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation.

Instructions for use:
To install the add-in, complete the following steps:
Start Excel.
On the Tools menu, click Add-Ins.
Click on the go button near manage and make sure Excel addins has been selected.
Click the Browse button and navigate to the XmlTools.xla file.
Select it and then click OK.
Click Yes to any file copy or overwrite prompts.
Verify the XmlTools box is selected. Note To remove this add-in, repeat this procedure, but clear the XMLTools box.
Click OK to use the add-in. A top-level menu entry, XML Tools should be present.

8: Check that you have the “add-ware”  or what it is called in the “Added”? tab in Excel. See pic attached to this guide below.

9: Go to step 3 in the guide (7: [This means that I refer to the guide, and the guide is mentioned in step 7 in this walk through]) and check the “Developer” Tab to compare the functions just unlocked.

10: Now import the XML file you just created from your VM shop, using the import button, shown in the guide (9: )

11: Excel ask you now to create a scheme, press yes (ok).

12: You have now created a Excel sheet that can export XML files on you computer.

13: Fill in the products information in the cells, copy pate or whatever and make an export. (the same way you did the import, in the excel sheet)

14: Go to your CSV Improved component and import you newly created XML file in to the VM structure, using you own created import template.


  1. Lucky people who follow your posts – great thing is that you make it in a form of checklist – very convenient to use, unlike many other tutorials which are a mess of unorganized sentences and ideas.


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