We recently Created a website on joomla and chose a template that we really loved it and it was and still is so create, having great color to show,it used mega menu and so many other things that the new web technology can offer.but the problem that I figured out that i used my old computer to see how it is showing up on there that is using windows xp with internet Explorer 6.The site would came up with all the styles broken and a warning message that Internet Explorer couldn’t render the page properly.I told this problem to my colleague that this problem will make about 20% of our visitors inaccessible from our page and that will make a huge loss of customers of us,20% is not  a low amount as we have about daily 80 visitors a day, so that will become a huge amount of lose of visitors per month.but my colleague refused to change this joomla template that is really so great and beautiful

I thought what if I create an if statement so that if the visitors browser is something other than firefox or their internet explorer version is so less than version 7 we could show them a different theme that can fit their browser and would show everything correct.

I did the research and went to joomla.org then went to the extension and searched about that and finally i found a plugin called Browser assign template.

i downloaded that from its website and installed it.then I went to plugins to have it enabled. in there it had 3 options for firefox IE6 and IPhone so we can provide different templates name that we have already installed on our joomla and as a visitor came with different browsers, they could visit our website in different templates that those can show up the right way that visitors are excepted.




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