I have worked with 2(two) kinds of image gallery component which they have created for joomla

1-phoca gallery

2-datso gallery

the phoca gallery is a extremely great one but the thing is that it has so much bugs for having a search engine optimize websites

the images will be displayed in lightbox that is so beautiful  and is fit for the one who dont want to have incoming links from search eningines such as google

the other bug is that stil they haven’t provided a good search plugin to search through the specific image you are trying to find among the images

2-second is datso gallery that is abit diffrentre from what you would see in phoca gallery in structure

tha bility to have navigation for all the images with refreshing the pages is a great idea becasue t will create a page view so that the money that the search engine marketeres such as adsense or bidvertisers or yahoo search engine marketing and so on would become much more, and also the search plugib is integrated in it so that it doesn’t that bug

but the unfortunate thing is that it is not free like phoca gallery and you should pay for it

i prefer datso gallery as it is not free but it is great in what I want from a gallery


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