Joomla Is Lack of SEO By it’s Default Configration

Joomla! 1.5 by default is not well Search Engine Optimized and it has its reason that because they may have guessed that not every server has an apache with all the mods needed such as mod_rewrite installed.

Generating Search Engine Friendly SEF URLS With Joomla CMS

The SEO tip for Joomla! that I want to talk about you today is very very basic and is the first step for this great CMS and will take you just only 1 to 2 and at most 5 miniutes to accomplish and is to make joomla generate Search Engine Friendly and human readable URLs that is the most basic SEO rule that every website must have to rank well on Google.I mentioned Human readable and this is the point, because what is readable by human is easy to read and will rank well by search engines such as Google.

Configuring Jomla! to generate SEF (Search Engine Friendly URLS) Instructions

joomla! uses its routing structure in its URL so that every server even without mod_rewrite could be able to handle the Joomla site but if you have mod_rewrite enabled on your web server it worths to configure  joomla to generate Search Engnie Friendly URL and have your linking urls shorter and easy to understand and human readable and make it static short.

First you should login to your administrator panel of Joomla!
Then go to the Global Configuration, in the right hand side of the global configration there is a section named the “SEO Settings”
On that all of the “Search Engine Friendly URLs”,” Use Apache mod_rewrite” and “Add suffix to URLs” must be check marked and enabled.
After Enabling them you have one more job to must have a .htaccess to help the web server to find out the alias that it should use for those long URLS.
Go to the root directory of your joomla site and search for the “htaccess.txt” and change that to “.htaccess“.This is the default configuration of joomla SEF URLs,That every joomla package has, and web servr knows it as its configuration if you have it named .htaccess
So you are done and the linking structure will depend on what you have created for your aliases in creating your Menu links for your Menus in Menu Manager.
If you created a link with the alias of “my-seo-url” then your link will become “/my-seo-url.html”
I will tell you the reason and benefit and also complex optimizations for joomla and also General Search Engine Optimization in a further details in future.


First you should login to your administrator panel of Joomla!
then go to the global configration


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