about 13 month ago i was looking for a free Hosting manager to manage my accounts, and do the actions such as creating invoices, susspending, terminating accounts in automated mode.

I searched in google and I found “fhm-script.com” which was so cool but was in a bad shape and bad design but was so good for a small company


Free Hosting Manager V2.0 features a new client CP and a forced ads module!
Updated: 13th February 2009

New Features for V2.0

  • Client Control Panel
  • Forced Ads Module (More info)
  • Admin CP – Client Management
  • Support Tickets
  • Manual Install Feature
  • Language Files
  • Template Files
  • Accounting file included
  • Several Bugs Fixed from V2.0

there were also some other free and open-source hsoting manager as I remember such as coin

but lasly I had to buy a billing system rather than geting free open-source systems that may harm my server as they will grant access to the server to do the auotomation things.

so I encourage you to buy a license to use one of the paid version of billing systems.



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