It is so much important to have backup at least of a month ago

As no server is 100% secure and even your server may became hacked someday or maybe your server would crashed or even the hard may burned up without any speaking reasons, Having a backup will gelp you in these such situations.

How to Backup Using ssh with WHM/Cpanel Installed

After telling the importance of backup, lets say how to accomplish this in WHM/CPanel

If you want to create backups of the whole accounts go too the backup>configure backups

then set the backup to enable and then set the Date you want to have backup for exmaple daily.

Click on the days that you want the backup to be executed.

after that go to ssh and then run this command


or if you are in a case that want to create backup of individual accounts there is no need for those steps I provided earlier

just go to ssh and run this command

/scripts/pkgacct USERNAME

and the USERNAME is should be vary depends on the account you want to create backup for .

for more info about creating backup for individual accounts click the link bellow:


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