Every time that I loged in to magento admin panel I would see a notification such the following would be appeared at the very top under the navigation menu appeared

You have 1 critical, 4 major, 20 minorو26 notice unread message(s). Go to messages inbox. Latest Message: New extension – Delivery Date and Notice by ISA has been released Read details
If you are providing this ecommerce shopping cart for a customer that after that, that person woul manage his/her store,apearing such message will make them shock that something is going wrong and lower your professionsy
There is a quick solution for this issue and have this resolve and prent such messages from apearing
here is the guide:
Go to System > Configuration > Advanced
and then disable the with the drop down menu infront of it
Hope this could be useful for you
voshka niknam


  1. Thank you for this post!
    I wanted to remove the “Magento CE Now Available” message.
    If we still want to view the notifications we can go to System > Notifications.


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